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AIReal™ Yoga

Cycle Fusion is Morgantown's only certified AIReal™ Yoga studio. AIReal™ Yoga uses a hammock that swivels from a single point taking you to a higher level. The hammock is used as a prop for Yoga asanas and postures and allows you to deepen your stretch, correct your alignment, refine postures, and safely perform inversions. AIReal™ Yoga is designed for all levels and styles of Yoga from gentle therapeutic to power or vinyasa flow.

Weekly Classes

AIReal™ Yoga 60

This class uses a hammock that swivels freely on a single point taking you to a higher level. It allows you to deepen your stretch, correct alignment and safely perform inversions. The hammock is used to refine, realign, restore and renew your mat practice, challenging you, and holding you while you flip your hourglass on a journey of self-healing.

AIReal™ Yoga Slow Flow 60

Enjoy an active slow flow restoration in the hammock. Unwind into a peaceful, extended savasana. This class is for all levels.


50 Hr AIReal™ Yoga (Aerial Yoga) Teacher Training - $1,600

July 19th - 21st & 26th - 28th, 2019

The Training includes:

-Manual with postures, photos and descriptions

-Lesson plans and sequences

-Progressions and Modifications so you learn to teach ALL levels and styles of yoga

-Hands-on instruction

-Access to professional riggers, whose safety in installations cannot be matched by any other aerial yoga brand

-Subscription to our YouTube channel with access to many different styles of classes, including Intro, Slow Flow, Power, and Restorative, allowing for continued practice and review

-Access to buy only the safest and highest-rated gear and equipment available at discounted rate

-Continued education units with Yoga Alliance, AFAA and NASM

-Membership to a private Facebook group

-Qualified to join our affiliate program with monthly lesson plans

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From Our Raving Clients

A great workout and a lot of fun.

Ailynn’s AlReal™ Yoga class is a great workout and a lot of fun. You really learn to trust the hammock and the supported inversion is my favorite part!

- Leslie, Facebook

Definitely a Saturday morning ritual now!!

Took my first AIReal™ class this morning at Cycle Fusion, instructor Ailynn Orteza, what an amazing experience, was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it, but Ailynn worked with me to get the most out of my body!!

- Dianna, Facebook


I’m interested in AIReal™ Yoga. What type of experience do I need?

No experience necessary. All skill-levels are welcome.

Do I need to arrive early to AIReal™ Yoga classes?

Yes, please arrive 15 minutes prior to class time for proper hammock set up.

I’m pregnant. Can I participate in AIReal™ Yoga classes?

No. We want to ensure the safety of everyone, therefore, it is studio policy not to allow pregnant women to participate in AIReal™ Yoga classes.

Can I wear jewelry during AIReal™ Yoga classes?

In order to keep our hammocks clean and in good condition, we ask that you refrain from wearing jewelry and excessive makeup.

Do I need to bring a Yoga mat?

We have mats you can use during class and mats for purchase. Have a mat you love? Bring it.

See you in the Studio!