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Boot Camp / Shred

Lose inches off your waist, build muscle, or speed up your mile run, but no matter what you'll gain confidence during our Boot Camp and Circuit Shred courses.


Enrollments are purchased separately than classes. The fees listed below include each session in your selected enrollment. If the "Sign Up" button is not visible, then the enrollment is closed.

Virtual 3-Week Circuit Shred - $120

Keep your mind guessing and your body challenged in this high intensity, body weight, dumbbell pumping, Virtual 60 minute class. Watch your body "Shred" weight, inches, tone and define as you challenge your threshold, strength and endurance.

Equipment needed at home for class: Dumbbells, Mat, Towel and Water

Two morning sessions are offered at 5am and 8:30am.

6-Week Boot Camp - $190

Boot Camp is a 6-week program offered 4x a year from May to October.

Utilizing your community as your workout playground and your body as your personal machine, feel your power and find out why this has been Morgantown’s Favorite since 2004.

Your BODY is your DUMBBELL in this OUTDOOR class. You will be challenged with high intensity, endurance building, strength gaining exercises that combine all the components needed for you to improve your overall health, strength, endurance and achieve YOUR optimal fitness level. The workouts keep you moving and wanting more. Don't let the word BOOT CAMP intimidate you. This 6 Week Session is 3 days per week and includes a Fitness Assessment Pre and Post Session.

This class is for all fitness levels. You do not have to be in shape to join. You do not have to be a runner to join.

Boot Camp does NOT take place at Cycle Fusion studio. Locations are: Mondays - WVU Track. Wednesdays - Bottom of Law School Hill. Fridays - Parking lot in front of Puskar Center near football stadium.

Bring a water bottle and exercise mat to class.

From Our Raving Clients

Here I am 11 years later & at 64 I’m definitely one of the oldest!

Thought about finishing my first Boot Camp 6 weeks session with Leanne in 2007 & never coming back and here I am 11 years later!! She has a way of encouraging me to do better & stay strong without ever making me feel inadequate ( & at 64 I’m definitely one of the oldest...ha!) Not to mention the invaluable and lasting friendships that I’ve made over these last several years. So thanks, Leanne.... you’ve definitely made a difference in my life.

- Diane, Facebook

Best shape of my life

I started at Cycle Fusion taking yoga classes and then I gave in and started spin classes and now I am doing boot camp. I feel so good after each workout and can’t wait to see what the next one brings. I am taking more fitness classes than I ever thought I would and I am in the best shape of my life. Cycle Fusion’s instructors push you to make yourself better. If you are looking for somewhere to break a sweat, I highly recommend Cycle Fusion.

- Janna, Google


Do I need to sign-up for each individual Boot Camp class?

No. Sign-up for the session and you’ll be enrolled in the entire 6-week session. You will find Boot Camp under enrollments. Boot Camp is a seasonal class and typically starts mid April depending on weather and runs through October.

I remember Boot Camp through HealthWorks. Is this the same Boot Camp?

Yes. Leanne DiAngelo opened Cycle Fusion during the summer of 2018 and is continuing to teach Boot Camp through Cycle Fusion.

See you in the Studio!