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Personal Training

There are countless benefits to working out with a personal trainer. People of any age and experience level can see better results and live a healthier lifestyle. A personal trainer will help create a unique workout plan to fit your individual needs and goals, and can accommodate an injury or other obstacle that might otherwise prevent you from exercising.

Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer


    Having a personal trainer to guide you through your fitness routine will help make sure you are spending time on the proper types of exercise. Personal trainers can save you plenty of time and energy wasted doing inefficient workouts. They show you how to maximize your efforts and your results. A personal trainer will create a customized exercise program for you, designed to help you reach your unique health and fitness goals.


    Most people have multiple goals when working out, the most common being fat loss and muscle gain. It’s often hard to find the right balance between these two. A personal trainer can help you find the right balance of strength exercises along with cardiovascular workouts to help you achieve your goals.


    A personal trainer will teach you the proper form and technique along with flexibility exercises to use during your workout so you can maximize the efficiency of your workouts, while staying safe and injury-free. It is important to have the proper strength training in your workouts as an injury prevention.


    A personal trainer can help you find ways to make healthy living and exercise a priority in your life. They can help you overcome obstacles that might prevent you from exercising, and help you set many small, achievable goals. Hiring a qualified trainer, even temporarily, can set the stage for a healthier, happier and more functionally active future.


    When you hit a plateau in your exercise routine, it can be hard to push through and stay motivated. A personal trainer can help you understand why you hit a plateau and find ways for you to work through it and see more results.


    Your personal fitness trainer is there, waiting for you to show up. Having a scheduled session with a trainer promotes accountability on your part, and can assist in developing adherence in the long run to making exercise a regular part of your routine. You can’t just find excuses not to go to the gym when someone is expecting you!

Benefits of Semi-Private Personal Training

  • Workout with a small group of 2-6 people at your same ability level
  • Still individualized training while doing the same type of exercises
  • Provides accountability and camaraderie
  • More cost effective and affordable

Private and Semi-Private Personal Training Pricing

Purchase Session or Pack

1 Personal Training Session


5 Personal Training Sessions


10 Personal Training Sessions


1 Semi-Private Personal Training Session


5 Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions


10 Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions


From Our Raving Clients

Exactly what this Baby Boomer needed

Can't say enough about Leanne. What a motivator! She pushes you beyond what you believe you can do. She is exactly what this Baby Boomer needed to get back into a healthier lifestyle. Between her personal training and cycle classes, she inspires you to exercise for YOU.

- Debbie, MindBody

Great motivator.

Leanne is a great motivator and was born to do this!

- Ronda, Facebook


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