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Ailynn Orteza

Director of Yoga Innovations,
Cycle, Yoga & AIReal™ Yoga Instructor

"Embrace the suck. Be a Yes. Inhale. Exhale."

More about me

Outside the Studio I love to:

Hang out and do things…I especially love cooking at home, making tons of food and sharing it with others!

Favorite foods:

I love food. All food. Don’t make me’s impossible.

Favorite yoga pose:

I love half moon pose. It makes me feel strong, grounded and on fire!

Yoga pose I need to practice:

Anything reverse. Reverse half moon. Reverse triangle. Just need to keep practicing!

Favorite Studio ride:

Endurance ride. I love those long rides!

Ride I have a complicated relationship with:

Hill intervals. It makes me crazy while on the bike but once I’m finished, I feel exhilarated!

I could put this song on repeat:

Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk; Finesse

I love:


I want:

to keep my life simple. Less stuff. More life.

Yoga gives me:

ARMS!!! (just being honest…)

Cycling gives me:

LEGS!!! (again…honesty here!)

When I was little I wanted to be a:


I want to give:

100% of myself, without hesitation, in my service to others.

When I wake up I:

say a prayer of thanksgiving because everyday is a gift!

When I teach I feel:

humbled and inspired to have an opportunity to lead others.