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Erin Perry

Cycle Instructor

"We are going to do this together!! Don’t cheat yourself, you will regret not pushing harder, but you will never regret giving your all!!"

More about me

Outside the Studio I love to:

Spend time with my family, especially outdoors or watching my daughters play sports!

Favorite foods:

Steak; or anything I don’t have to cook!!

Favorite yoga pose:

Pigeon or Downward facing Dog!

Yoga pose I need to practice:

All of them!!

Favorite Studio ride:


Ride I have a complicated relationship with:

Intervals for sure!

I could put this song on repeat:

That is a tough one, it changes weekly but one that I can always put on repeat is Hallelujah.

I love:

To Drink coffee by any body of water, in a hoodie and jeans!!

I want:

To Travel more!!!

Yoga gives me:

Sense of accomplishment when I master new moves on the mat!!

Cycling gives me:

Adrenaline and endurance to push thru when I thought I couldn’t!

When I was little I wanted to be a:

A mom

I want to give:

Inspiration and positivity

When I wake up I:

I hit snooze and pray for another 10 minutes of sleep, unless I’m heading to a cycle class, then I jump up and get moving!

When I teach I feel:

Proud of my class and what they have accomplished when we push together and put it all out there!