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Hillary Rhodes

Yoga Instructor

"You are either Now Here or No Where." - My favorite Baptiste Yoga saying

More about me

Outside the Studio I love to:

Get outside with my family. We LOVE to hike, well the kind of hiking that you do with four little kids!

Favorite foods:

I love guacamole, lots and lots of sushi, TOMATOES, and peppers.

Favorite yoga pose:

Rock Star

Yoga pose I need to practice:

Eagle. I get so wrapped up in my shoulders being tight and trying to wrap my foot around, that I can't balance for the life of me. Don't even mention the second!

Favorite Studio ride:

That's a great question that I will answer as soon as I get some more experience with Spin.

Ride I have a complicated relationship with:

Can I say all? Yikes!

I could put this song on repeat:

Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

I love:

Houseplants, especially airplants

I want:

To keep learning about things that are totally new to me

Yoga gives me:

Space and reminds me to be in the moment instead of turning on autopilot

Cycling gives me:

A new challenge

When I was little I wanted to be a:

Mud Wrestler? Who knows where that one came from?!?

I want to give:

As much of myself that I can to living this life passionately.

When I wake up I:

Usually have at least one or two or three children that have crawled into bed beside me.

When I teach I feel:

Grateful to have an opportunity to do what I enjoy and to share it with others!