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Leanne DiAngelo

Owner, Personal Trainer, Boot Camp & Cycle Instructor

"You never finish a workout and say, 'I wish I didn't do that.'"

More about me

Outside the Studio I love to:

Spend time with my family skiing, boating, swimming and just being

Favorite foods:

Mexican - I could eat it everyday!

Favorite yoga pose:

Child's Pose

Yoga pose I need to practice:


Favorite Studio ride:


Ride I have a complicated relationship with:

Intervals, hate feeling anaerobic but, love it to at the same time.

I could put this song on repeat:

Pat Benatar, All Fired Up

I love:

To put on a big comfy sweatshirt and sweatpants on a cold winter day

I want:

To learn how to play tennis

Yoga gives me:

Challenges physically that I want to master

Cycling gives me:

Power, Energy, Drive and Strength

When I was little I wanted to be a:

Psychiatrist, and Gym Teacher

I want to give:

My time to volunteer in my community.

When I wake up I:

Roll right out of bed. Love early mornings.

When I teach I feel:

Excited to be contributing to the fitness levels of my class/clients.